About Syzygy



Syzygy (L-R)Carl Baldassarre, Al Rolik, Paul Mihacevich, Sam Giunta


Syzygy: emerging from the fire, smoke, beauty and charm of industrious Northern Ohio (USA), this   progressive rock quartet offers what would seem a contradiction of influences and eras, yet their amalgam reveals its own form. A “syzygy” is an alignment of three celestial bodies in a gravitational pull. In this case, these bodies are “Pitch, Pulse & Purpose.” When the group composes and performs, this musical trinity is joined with precision and thrust into the space between the artists and the listener eventually gathering energy, harmonic momentum and ultimately reaching an elevated orbit to create an unforgettable musical experience.



If “Prog Rock” is believed to be a boundary-moving musical style, then these gentlemen intend on lighting the fuse of the next “Prog” Big Bang! The massive expansion of their compositions into the vacuum of the aural cosmos gives rise to new celestial forms and truly defines the meaning of “progressive” art. Constantly working towards the goal of creating a collection of imperishable musical masterpieces, Syzygy is currently in the final writing stages of what will prove to be the band’s most thoughtful and challenging work to date. The new compositions explore a plethora of points along the musical spectrum, with an air of Romantic Period inflections as well as face-melting, gut-punching power strokes of contemporary culture.



Meet the members of Syzygy:


Carl E. Baldassarre – (Composer/Guitarist)
A 19th century troubadour living in the 21st century. Carl is the ringleader, a visionary, a man on a serious mission to present the world with music that inspires the listener to journey deeper into one’s musical humanity and higher purpose. Although a wonderfully gifted guitarist, his compositional skills are his true forte; molding pitch, pulse and purpose into a glorious and unbreakable cord of three strands.


Sam Giunta – (Composer/Keyboardist)
As Carl’s longtime writing partner, Sam has the ability to take a piece of music and tirelessly forge it into well-tempered form. He is that somewhat quiet man we all know; the one who always has something far up his sleeve. He brings a steady patience to the group, always calming the raw energy within its molten core. Sam is the ultimate counter-balance to Carl’s weighty ideas.


Paul Mihacevich – (Drummer/Percussionist)
Set your clocks to this guy. He’s the “Sergeant at Arms” in the band, keeping the cadence and pulse exactly where it should be allowing his musical partners to ride his steady rail of rhythms while always trusting his destinations and departures. Paul can go from sublime beauty to skull pounding attack-mode in an instant. Though you never see it coming, you’ll be exhilarated when your entire body is vibrating to his pulse asking yourself, “Just how many drummers do they have?”


Al Rolik – (Bassist)
Al is the great fulcrum of the band. He perfectly balances the rhythmic and harmonic halves levering the two with maximum purpose and effect. Whether picked or plucked, his bass playing delivers both sub- harmonic waves and rapid-fire riffs with highly-engineered precision. His fulcrum hinges with Paul’s control to form a mighty machine upon which Syzygy is built.


By: Chris Keffer